You’ve just been out clubbing with your best friends. You asked Niall to come seen as he’s your boyfriend, but he wanted you to spend some time with the girls. Instead he promised to pick you up. Ten minutes to midnight and you’re waiting outside for Niall, in just your small black cocktail dress you’re beginning to feel cold and after dancing in heels all night, your feet are killing. You see cars pass by, but still no Niall. You’ve only been together a month but he’s never let you down before. You begin feeling anxious, frantically looking up and down for any signs of his car. Suddenly you warm arms wrap around your waist making you jump and feel warm breath on your shoulder. “Hello Princess” Niall whispers gently in your right ear. Feeling considerably more comfortable you place your cold hands on top of his. “Ready to go?” he asks, still standing with arms wrapped around your waist. You turn around, peck him gently on the cheek, and looking into his gentle eyes nod smiling. He wraps his arm around your shoulder, pulling you close to him, and you walk slowly towards his car. As you get around the corner from the club, Niall stops, pulling you gently towards the wall. “Niall, not here” you say blushing, scared people will see. “I can’t help it (Y/N), look at you, you look so beautiful!” You turn your head to the right looking towards the floor and your cheeks turn a deeper red. Gently turning your chin so you are once again facing him, he plants soft, wet kisses on your neck sending shivers down your spine. Using all your might you push away, shaking your head. “Niall, not here, please” Looking into his soft blue eyes you wait for his response. “Okay, but hurry” He grabs your hand pulling you in the direction of his car. You run as best you can in your heels despite the fact your feet are hurting because truth be told, you want him as much as he wants you. You reach his car. He’s managed to park completely alone, not a single other car or person in sight. Niall grabs your waist, pushing you against the drivers door, determined to finish what he had started. This time you give in. He plants kisses all round your neck and collarbone. You throw your head back pushing it against the window. He runs his hands up and down your body. You feel yourself getting wet in your small delicate panties. Niall brings his head up and whispers in your ear “shall we?” Before you can answer he rips his shirt off, kissing you passionately. Without answering you reach for his belt buckle frantically trying to undo it. He slides you over to the side opening the back door. He reaches his hands behind you and gently unzips your dress and slowly and sensually sliding it down your body. You run your fingers through his messy hair as the cold whips around your now bare middle. Niall lets your dress drop to the floor and lifts you out of your heels and carefully onto the back seat. Making you wait to once again feel his warm body against yours, he picks up your shoes and dress, throwing them into the car. He stands by the open door, finishing undressing himself. Removing his jeans, you see the bulge in his tight Calvin Klein boxers. He leans across towards you, pulling down your black lacy panties. Your breathing increases, breaths deepen and you feel yourself getting wetter and wetter with every slight movement. You close your eyes letting the excitement run through your body. He begins kissing the inside of your thighs, running his hands up and down the outside. He gently moves his body further up yours, all the time shifting you into a more comfortable position. He leans across pulling the car door closed. You can feel his hard-on through his boxers. With eyes closed you listen to every breath. You hear him drop his boxers. He hovers above you noticing you still have your bra on. “We wont be needing this” he says cheekily, reaching behind and unclasping it with one hand. He begins massaging your breasts making you groan loudly. This only encourages him. With one hand on your breasts he runs his other down to your clit, rubbing it vigorously with his thumb “Oh N-Niall” you groan. He looks up smiling, still teasing you. You reach your hand down, taking his shaft and pumping as fast as you can. He drops his head to your shoulder groaning in your ear. “Niall! I need you in me” you whisper into his ear releasing his shaft. Moving himself round he positions himself at your entrance, his tip just touching. You brace yourself, expecting to thrust himself into you. He waits until you lift your head to look him in the eye. As you go to kiss him he inserts his full length into you. You wince as pain shoots through you. He stops, leans close in towards your face saying gently “no more pain now beautiful” and he delicately kisses your lips. You kiss back hard, allowing your fingers to once again explore his hair. “Ready?” he asks winking at you. You nod, dragging his lips back towards yours. He begins to thrust into you, soft and sensual, hitting all your walls. With every thrust you groan, biting his bottom lip gently. He begins to up his pace, thrusting harder. Moving with his rhythm you groan louder. “Niall” you moan as he pulls in and out of you. “That’s it baby, you scream my name” “Oh, Niall, faster, harder” you shout. He obliges, thrusting harder and faster into you. With every thrust you moan louder and the car shakes. “N-Niall… I’m going to..” you begin. “Hold it baby, I’m nearly there” you hold, digging your nails into his back and biting your lip. He thrusts a few more times, groaning almost as much as you. “Release” he pants. You release, letting the pleasure run through your whole body. “NIALL” you scream, throwing your head back. Niall’s head is resting between your breasts. You hear him moaning into them. You ride your orgasm out. When you’re both done, he gently pulls out but stays with his body pressed against yours. You look into his eyes. After placing a few kisses on your neck he whispers in your ear “I love you Princess. I’m so glad I was your first, and I want to be your last” Without saying a word you dive in for a kiss, gently pushing your tongue through his lips allowing your tongues to intertwine. You pull away. “I love you Nialler”. “We should go he says, throwing your clothes towards you. After scrambling to re-dress, he drives to the flat you share. When you reach the flat, he carries you inside and up to bed. Puts you into bed and after locking up, joins you for the night.

*Two  Months Later*

9:30 am. Your alarm goes. You roll over, expecting to see Niall waiting for you to wake up. Instead, you see a handwritten note. “(Y/N)” is written on the outside of a small folded piece of paper. You open it and read it aloud. “Morning Beautiful. I had to leave early, remember me telling you? You looked so peaceful I didn’t want to wake you. See you tonight Princess, I love you so much” You smile at the note, remembering he had told you about his early start. You drag yourself out of bed and head to the kitchen to make yourself some breakfast. Putting bread in the toaster, you flick through the paper reading stories about how big Niall and the other boys had become. Smiling you walk over to the toaster to take out the now cooked toast. As you go to take a bite you stop, a sudden sick feeling takes over your every action. Dropping the toast you run to the bathroom throwing up all you had eaten the night before. This wasn’t the first time this had happened, but before you thought nothing of it, now you are beginning to feel worried. Cleaning yourself up you walk towards the calendar near the kitchen. Late. You shake your head in disbelief. You run to the bedroom scrambling for you phone. You call your best friend Lexi. “Lexi I’m scared. Remember what I told you about the night we went clubbing” “ah, yes, that little gem” she replies giggling, “Lexi, I’m being serious now, I’m late. I need you to be here with me through this, I’m going to buy and take a test, stay by your phone, please” your voice growing ever anxious as you speak. “Okay, (Y/N), one step at a time, stay calm, we’ll sort…” the phone cuts out mid conversation. Panicking you pull on some jeans and a hoodie and head down to the shop to buy a test. Checking around for paparazzi you head through the self service, fumbling with your change in your rush. Practically running out the shop, you make your way back to your car. Jumping in you throw the bag onto the passenger seat, buckle up and drive home hoping Niall wont be home. Reaching the flat you remember he wont be home until 2, a thought which relaxes you a little. Fumbling your way through the door you hurry to the bathroom. So many thoughts run through your head, but you have no time to process any of them. You reach the bathroom door ripping open the test. Closing the door as if someone is in you take the test. Waiting for the result you pace up and down, searching your pockets for your phone.  Finding it you call Lexi. You don’t give her chance to speak, instead you immediately jump in with “I’m waiting on the result” Lexi remains silent. You hear your heartbeat in your ears as you check the time. Time to read the test. “Lex, I cant read it, I’m too scared” “(Y/N), what happens happens, thats all there is to it, just read it” Shaking you pick up the test. Positive. Tears prick your eyes as a wave of emotion floods through your body. You throw the test still in disbelief.  “Positive” you whisper into the phone. A scream is the only response. “Lex, how do I tell Niall, he’s so busy lately, the timing is all wrong” “(Y/N) listen, he’ll be so excited, just tell him, trust me!” Still shaking you remain silent. “Trust me” Lexi says again, “I haven’t lead you wrong before”. “But how do I tell him that…” you begin but before you can finish, you feel familiar arms wrap around your waist. “Tell me what Princess” Niall says turning you round to face him. You drop the phone, leaving it still connected to Lexi’s call. You play with his hair, avoiding the question. “(Y/N)? Come one, what have you got to tell me?” The tears you’re holding back begin to fall. He gently wipes them away pulling you in close. You rest your head on his chest and whisper “I’m pregnant” He places his hands on your shoulders, pushing you back so he can look in to your eyes. You keep your head looking down, worried about his reaction. He lifts your chin so you are looking directly into his eyes. Tears fall from his eyes. Taking your hands he says in a croaky voice, “I’m going to be a daddy” You hear a scream from your phone. You leave it, this is your moment with Niall. Letting his tears fall he pulls you in kissing your head vowing to be there every step of the way.  

*Seven Months Later, A Week After Your Due Date*

You sit bolt upright in bed, pain surging through you. You shout Niall who has gone to the kitchen to make you something to eat. He comes rushing in hearing you shout. “What is it Princess?” “Niall, I need you to sit with me, it may be time”. Panic and excitement cross his face as he crosses the room to sit with you. Your pain only intensifies. Niall suggests walking to the sitting room closer to the door ready to leave. You agree, and using him as support make your way to the sitting room. As you pass, Niall pick up the hospital bag he prepared for you weeks ago. You slow down as a huge pain surges through your body. Taking as much of your weight as he can, Niall holds you, kissing your forehead through the pain.  As you reach the door to the sitting room your waters break. “Okay Niall, now we need to go” He helps you to the car, reassuring you every step of the way. Driving to the hospital he remains calm through all your screams of pain. You’re checked into the hospital and immediately your dilation is checked. “We’re at 10cm, we’re going to get you into a delivery room and you’re ready to push” The midwife takes you through to a large delivery room. You are laid down onto a bed surrounded by midwives with Niall at your side. He holds your hand no reacting anytime you squeeze it. He stokes your hair, counting and breathing with you. You push as instructed by the midwives. Exhausted you pull Niall closer and in between pants say “Niall, I can’t do this, I cant take any more” Still holding your hand he moves close to your ear and says “Princess, you’re almost there, you can do this, just a few more pushes” You believe what he says and push. A cry fills the room, followed by a cheer. You are passed a beautiful baby girl wrapped in a towel. You gently kiss her forehead and pass her to Niall who is dying to hold her. He looks down at his beautiful blue eyed baby girl. A single tear rolls down his cheek. “Niall?” You look at him starring into the eyes of his daughter. He manages to say only three words, “She is perfect”

This is my first long imagine so apologies, it isn’t that great. It was kinda rushed but I hope you like it x

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